I want you to have the best experience ever on my website! Here are a few notes on how Tamara Henson Studios runs…


1. As of now, customer service is… me! Please direct any questions, comments or feedback regarding this website or my products to this address. I will try to answer all your questions, and use them to update the site. To make sure I receive your email, please type or copy/paste “THS QUESTION” or “THS COMMENT” into the subject line of your email.

2. Please read the COMMISSIONS section for information on special orders.

3. Please read the REFUNDS/RETURNS section for information on… refunds and returns.


1. At my current shop, appointments can be made in-person with a $20 deposit that goes toward the cost of your tattoo.

2. I'm planning that, in the near future, tattoo appointments can be scheduled and deposits paid online through the THS Store for your convenience.

3. Please call the shop or call/text me directly to reschedule, or if you will be unable to keep your appointment otherwise. Not calling in advance will result in losing your deposit.


1. Shipments for in-stock items are sent out on Mondays and Thursdays, via the most appropriate service of the US Postal System. Shipments for commissions or back-ordered items are sent on the Monday or Thursday following payment in full.

2. Shipping and Handling fees will be set for each item or group of items based on size, weight and required packaging. Of course, grouping several items will result in cheaper overall costs.

3. Shipping dates may be delayed without notice due to holidays, inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. I will make every effort to notify you in such a case, and resolve the issue as quickly as I can.

4. Buying in-stock items should guarantee quick shipment. If you have a deadline for receiving an order, such as a birthday, please take into account that commission orders will not ship until 1) complete and 2) fully paid, including S&H.

5. Creating a custom order may take several days or several weeks, depending on the project and my work load. Once fully paid, I can send the item via the USPS method of your choice. Please schedule accordingly, and I will try my best to help you meet your deadline.