Special orders are called "commissions." Certain commissions are now OPEN for ordering!

CATEGORIES Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 COST/PRICING


*Digital Lineart, Digital Painting or Traditional Media: My characters or scenes, your characters or scenes, in your choice of style *Landscapes in oil paint from your photographs or mine, 16"X20" up to 2"X3" stretched canvas *Polymer clay sculptures or figurines in any of the categories listed, either freestanding, keychains or magnets, 2" tall and up

Varies: $15 and up for digital art. $75 and up for traditional paintings. $10 and up for polymer clay sculptures.

Estimates based on time spent, materials used, and size of finished artwork, plus S&H.

2. MYTH-BABIES *MYTH-BABIES: REBORN, a vinyl doll fully reborn with your choice of sculpted details, painting, clothing and accessories. Options include fantasy, sci-fi, and horror designs. *MYTH-BABIES: BJD, COMING SOON! MYTH-BABIES: ACCESSORIES, Resin-cast original armor, clothing, weapons and other handmade or assembled accessories related to the PATHOS universe.

MB:REBORN babies start at around $50 for an all-vinyl 8" doll.

MB: BJD, MB: Accessories prices will vary based on many factors, including but not limited to actual production cost per unit.

Shipping costs vary.

Babies that are not special orders will be posted in the THS Store. (Click the cart icon above!)



Designed in-advance, OR on-demand for walk-ins.


Designed in-advance. (Except freehand applications)

Scheduled and priced for up to a full day.


Designed in-advance. (Except freehand applications)

Payment options: Paid in Full OR Hourly OR Per Session

*There is NO charge for designing a tattoo of any type.

*I only design tattoos that I will be applying.

*The shop minimum is $40. Prices vary.

Please read the policies section below before sending a message.


To discuss or begin a special order, please email me at . To make sure I receive your email, type or copy/paste THS COMMISSIONS in the subject line, and tell me about your idea or request! Or find me on social media using the icons under "Links" at the left, and send a message with the same info!


1. Price varies. Give a detailed description of what you want, and an estimate will be provided. No charge for custom tattoo designs!

2. Payment is due before work begins-- half on orders over $100, full on orders under $100, full payment on single-session tattoos, and the agreed-upon amount for multi-session tattoos. Pay through the Square Store, cash (in-person) or via PayPal. No refunds!

3. Full payment + shipping and handling fees = Shipment. You may cancel order prior to shipping. No refunds.

4. Serious inquiries get free concept art and paid orders get in-progress photos.

5. I will not break copyright law.

Details below:


Prices vary based on time spent, cost of materials and complexity of artwork. Estimates may not be your final price. If customer does not respond within a reasonable time to estimate offered or to any requests for clarification (usually within 24-48 hours), order will be canceled and offer withdrawn.


Half of agreed-upon price will be due before work begins on any non-tattoo commission over $100. Full payment is due before work begins on non-tattoo custom work under $100. Customer may choose to pay full amount in advance, as well. Payments can be transferred via PayPal, cash (in-person) or The Square Register store (click the Cart button above). Tamara Henson Studios does NOT issue refunds on commissions!


Any remaining payment (if applicable), including shipping and handling, will be due within 5 business days from the notification of completion. Orders will be considered "UNPAID", canceled and no refund will be issued if customer does not make payment arrangements in a timely manner. Paid orders will be shipped at my earliest convenience, probably on the following Monday or Thursday.


Initial sketches, plus Work-in-Progress photos will be made available to minimize last-minute adjustment requests. Customers will be permitted to suggest minor changes at several stages in the process. I will determine if a customer's request for change is reasonable and possible on a case by case basis. Customers reserve the right to cancel a commission at any point in the process prior to shipping. Regarding tattoos, no custom designs will be posted on the Internet or sent via text message for approval. Customer must make arrangements for design approval in person.


I will not create commissioned flatwork (art intended for digital or physical display) or dolls directly from copyrighted sources for pay, unless I hold the copyright.

*I do NOT charge a fee for designing tattoos. I will create tattoos of any style without charging for the actual design. I charge only for application of the tattoo.

*Examples of work that I can't legally do for money: Dolls of characters from published sources (as in anime plushies), exact reproductions of comic book art on paper, etc

*Examples of artwork that I WON'T do for money: Pornography, fan art where your original character is NOT the focus, or any request I find personally offensive. I won't make novel covers and internal illustrations for other people due to conflict of interest. Also, I won't create tattoo designs for another tattoo artist to use. To make an appointment for a tattoo, contact me at one of the options above.

EXCEPTIONS: I CAN create flatwork that is inspired by, or in the style of, another source, particularly hairstyle and clothing. (If your OC has the Joker's hair and Riddler's clothing, for instance. Or she wears a DBZ style gi.) When in doubt as to whether your idea is acceptable, contact me!


A MESSAGE REGARDING COPYRIGHT OF MY ORIGINAL WORK: When you purchase an artwork from me, your permission to use that art is limited. You may, for instance, display the work in your home with no limits, or even post it online (as a courtesy, please link back to me). You may NOT use or duplicate my original artwork (even if it contains your OC) for the purpose of making money, i.e. selling prints or publishing in a book. (This does not apply to the use of my dolls in artistic photography... as long as you don't claim to have created the doll. Please link back!)

On the opposite side of things, I retain copyright (as in, "right to copy") to the work. This means I can freely use or modify any artwork I create for promotional purposes or to otherwise make money. I may, for example, sell individual prints or include my artwork featuring your original characters (or any work I have created) in published artbooks. When possible, I will retain information sufficient to mention you, your screenname, and character information as it applies to the inclusion. Please note that my retention of copyright keeps my prices low, as transfer of full rights results in a substantial additional charge.

For more information on how copyright works, please go to http://www.copyright.gov/.