head_shotI'm Tamara, an Artist, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author, Professional Tattoo Artist and Piercer.

I'm a Creative, and I do creative things...

I love the art of storytelling, no matter the medium, with a preference for sci-fi/fantasy. Why would we want to escape from our boring lives into someone else's boring life?

I do a half-dozen artsy things all at once because all the people in my head won't shut up until I let them out into the worlds I create. ;)

I'm wondering... and wandering. I dive into the future quoting a great fictional man, er, boy:

"To die would be an awfully big adventure!" -- Peter Pan

Something weird about me? I'm a compulsive lister of groceries, to-do lists, goals and dreams!

So here are some lists:

My influences include Anne McCaffrey, Tamora Pierce, Michael Moorcock, Kentaro Miura, David Mack and Rembrandt van Rijn.

Degrees earned: Bachelor's (Major: Art, Most of a Major, i.e. Minor: Theatre, Part of a Major: Education), Master's (Major: Art Education)

Hobbies: Reading manga and novels, watching anime and movies, studying languages and art and history and encyclopedias and other nerdy things, making costumes and props and accessories.

To-do: Live life as God intended! Bring it on! As long as God continues to guide and love me (which is FOREVER), I'll continue to barrel ahead on the path set before me, winding around the stumbling blocks and quicksand that sometimes get in the way. And as always, I owe it all to my Savior. And I'm not sayin' this as the Christian I am. I'm saying it as a girl who often tries to do too much and push too hard, who has realized that knowing and believing in God is a lot simpler than the world has made it! :)

Remember: Good conquers evil, life conquers death, and pawn takes the queen!

To every dreamer, you direct the light of all the world!

Love and cuddles,



Tamara Henson (Coffey) creates art, dolls and books inspired by legends, mythology, folklore and other timeless tales, as well as the ever-expanding universe in her head. She also stabs people for money as a tattoo artist and piercer.

Tamara is probably working on something creative right now, when she should be sleeping. All the people in her head are helping, so it's not that lonely...