Due to high interference from the planet's core, the Unatans have very little use for electronic devices and systems. They use electricity for lighting and some other conveniences. Communications Towers must be situated well above sea level to utilize extensive antenna systems and accomplish anything of use in local radio or space-sensor contacts. This is why the Comm Tower on Parisian plateau is the one with the highest functionality. Other than the anti-spacecraft lasers and very unreliable handheld radio devices, the Unatans function best without the assistance of digital or electronic technology.

Weapons and weapon-systems are in place on Unata, but are mostly of antiquated origin. Firearms were first abandoned due to inefficiency and volatility of function, as such devices often malfunctioned in combat. Then as time moved on, Unatans avoided them for reasons of heightened skill and fabrication techniques above and beyond the need for such weapons. Body armor, building reinforcements, and martial weapons work alongside extensive training and vicious homeland defense protocol to give Unata the reputation as Fear Planet.